The Need in Utah


In the heart of the desperately needy West and reflecting the state of the New North American Mission Field, Utah trails all other states of the country with gospel luminance. Though it has a population of 2.9 million people, only 2.2% attend services at any evangelical church.

Utah is a mission field within our own borders! When it comes to missions, Utah has a unique advantage. Without leaving the country or learning a new language, we can immediately begin building relationships with our neighbors, co-workers and friends to share the liberating good news of God’s grace through Jesus Christ--97% of which have not trusted in Jesus Christ to save them from their sins.

Utah ranked 1st place as the “Most Religious” state in America. More than 79% of the people in Utah claim to be adherents of a religious group.
Utah is the “Least Evangelical Christian” state in America. Only 2.2% of the people in Utah claim to be Evangelical Christians.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) makes up more than 68% of Utah’s religious affiliates.
There are fewer Christians in Utah than any country in the Western Hemisphere! The next closest would be Cuba at 6%.
Utah has [by far] the lowest median age in the USA (29.2 yrs.)
In Utah, there are many cities without a single Christian church. More than 140,000 Utah residents live in these cities.
Salt Lake City has been called “The Vainest City in America”, with the highest number of cosmetic surgeries per capita.
Utah reports the highest rates of clinical depression in the country and prescribes more anti-depressants than any other state.
Utah has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation.
Utah ranks highest in percentage of internet pornography subscriptions in America.

Utah is in
desperate need of...

  • church-planting churches

    We believe the gospel must be proclaimed in places where it isn’t. God’s plan is that the organic product of great commission work is the planting of churches. We long to reach one of the neediest areas of our country by taking what God has poured into our lives and investing it in the lives of others such that new churches are formed in Salt Lake City.


    There is a great missionary need here, and our hearts desire to see many healthy churches planted in the years ahead.

  • expositional preaching

    We want God’s revealed truth to permeate all of life and ministry. To live means to consume God’s Word (Matt. 4:4). Our goal is to see believers get past the milk of the Word and dig into doctrinal meat. We seek to give the Bible priority and prominence in our worship services, because it has the power to change lives. We seek to proclaim God’s Word in this valley because it has the power to save souls (Rom. 1:16). We are committed to expository preaching because the Word is what’s needed in Salt Lake City.

    2.6% EVANGELICAL - Many do not approach the Word expositionally
    60% LDS - Embrace a twisting of the Word
    26% SECULAR - Represent an absence of the Word altogether
    11% OTHER - Religions and denominations misapplying or rejecting the Word

    In so many ways, this valley is dying for the Word. We want to be an outpost for the WORD!

  • gospel-centered community

    Since Gospel-centered community is the context for discipleship, we want to see an ever expanding network of localized community group Bible studies across the city. These are made up of men and women at various ages and stages of life brought together geographically for fellowship, care, accountability and the study of God’s Word in the neighborhoods they live in. As people live Gospel-centered, grace-saturated lives in this context we believe Salt Lakers will be reached, the church will grow, and the city will be transformed.