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Salt Lake City Profile

Of the 2.6 million people in Utah, over 2 million live within one hour of downtown Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake City region has the youngest population in the U.S., the highest birthrate in the U.S., the most educated adult workforce, and the lowest number of gospel preaching churches per person of any state in the country. Salt Lake City has been viewed as a predominantly Mormon stronghold, yet "only" 45% of Salt Lakers claim to be connected to the LDS church. The opportunities to reach religious and irreligious, disaffected and heavily involved in the LDS church are huge!

Salt Lake City is in desperate need of . . .

Church-Planting Churches

We believe the gospel must be proclaimed in places where it isn’t. God’s plan is that the organic product of great commission work is the planting of churches. We long to reach one of the neediest areas of our country by taking what God has poured into our lives and investing it in the lives of others such that new churches are formed in Salt Lake City.


There is a great missionary need here, and our hearts desire to see many healthy churches planted in the years ahead.

Expositional Preaching

We want God’s revealed truth to permeate all of life and ministry. To live means to consume God’s Word (Matt. 4:4). Our goal is to see believers get past the milk of the Word and dig into doctrinal meat. We seek to give the Bible priority and prominence in our worship services, because it has the power to change lives. We seek to proclaim God’s Word in this valley because it has the power to save souls (Rom. 1:16). We are committed to expository preaching because the Word is what’s needed in Salt Lake City.

  • 2.6% EVANGELICAL - Many do not approach the Word expositionally
  • 60% LDS - Embrace a twisting of the Word
  • 26% SECULAR - Represent an absence of the Word altogether
  • 11% OTHER - Religions and denominations misapplying or rejecting the Word

In so many ways, this valley is dying for the Word. We want to be an outpost for the WORD!

Gospel-Centered Community

Since Gospel-centered community is the context for discipleship, we want to see an ever expanding network of localized community group Bible studies across the city. These are made up of men and women at various ages and stages of life brought together geographically for fellowship, care, accountability and the study of God’s Word in the neighborhoods they live in. As people live Gospel-centered, grace-saturated lives in this context we believe Salt Lakers will be reached, the church will grow, and the city will be transformed.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to obey God's call to take the gospel deep into the uttermost parts...of our own country?

Read on to learn about our vision for Salt Lake City.

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