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Does what you see ignite a passion for ministry like it has in our hearts? Maybe you would like to see if you could join us in our mission to plant churches across America. Please enter your contact information below. We'll be in touch soon.

People that might be interested...
  • Potential pastors burdened for the cities of America
  • Mobile families and singles who could transfer to Salt Lake City and serve on the core team.
  • Mission teams who could spend a week or more in the city to help get the church started.
  • Church groups interested in being a part of a Plant Camp week.
  • Families wishing to take a missions vacation to join in the excitement and rewards of missional church planting.
  • Short-term missionaries willing to give several months to plugging into the community as a short-term church member.

Please enter your contact information below, and we'll be in touch with you!

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