Most and Least Evangelical Counties in the USA

Written by Jon Kopp. Posted in Mission Blog

Recently, one of our Pastor friends in the Salt Lake valley passed along an article that collates new data just released from The Association of Religion Data Archives.

The ARDA has posted a list ranking over 3,120 U.S. counties on the highest percent* of the population in Evangelical Protestant denominations, based on data from the 1980-2010 Religious Congregations and Membership Studies. The article mapped the 100 counties with the lowest number of practicing evangelical christians using blue pins as well as the 100 counties with the highest number of reported evangelical adherents using red.

These are the statistics that God used to push us West! They have gripped us as we've been pursuing missions church planting in the USA. Would you pray with us that God would raise up churches and believers in the blue areas on this map!

Click on the map below to view the interactive map.

The original article raised some very interesting analysis of the data posted. We've included it below.

The Least Evangelical Counties

  • The lowest ranked 100 counties (blue pins) range from 0% to just under 3% Evangelical
  • The least Evangelical counties are most heavily grouped in the Northeast and Mormon portions of Utah and Idaho.
  • 0% = the least Evangelical is Keweenaw County, Michigan

The Typical County

  • Mean (average): 23.2% Evangelical
  • Median (middle value): 18.8% Evangelical

The Most Evangelical Counties

  • The top 100 counties (red pins) range from 58.0% to 98.7% Evangelical
  • The most Evangelical counties unsurprisingly come from the Bible belt.
  • 98.7% = the most Evangelical is Choctaw County, Oklahoma. (Note: We excluded 3 counties with values over 100%.)

Other highlights include:

  • 7.6% of counties are 50%+ Evangelical
  • 62.0% of counties are <25% Evangelical
  • 3.2% of counties are <3% Evangelical

Via: Ken Shaffer

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