We have tried to provide succinct answers to several of the common questions we are being asked. However, we realize that some of these topics require extended treatment. We have intentionally planted Gospel Grace Church as a reflection of our philosophy of ministry, church polity, and ministry strategy. You can learn more about Gospel Grace Church here. Have any more questions? Please, contact us!

What kind of churches do you plant?

In August of 2012, we planted Gospel Grace Church,  a baptist congregation in downtown Salt Lake City. We hold to the historic baptist distinctives, and if you are interested in what we believe, check out our statement of faith. For more info about our first church plant, visit the Gospel Grace Church website.

Why are you planting as a team?

We don't think it is the only way to plant a church, but we do believe it is the path God has laid for us! As we look to Scripture, we find biblical precedence for team ministry. Jesus sent out his disciples two by two to prepare the way for his ministry, and when the NT church sent out it’s church planters, they chose equipped teams--Paul, Barnabus, John Mark, Silas, Luke and Timothy, etc. We believe God has brought us together, and we are excited to use our complementary gifts in Salt Lake City.

What is the church like?

We hope the personality and flavor of our church is displayed in our core values and who God has prepared us to be. Our first church, Gospel Grace Church has fleshed out those core values in the context of downtown Salt Lake City.

How does the team work? Who is the pastor?

Gospel Grace Church is led by the Pastoral team with Pastor Lukus as the lead pastor. Each member finds great satisfaction in submitting their gifts to the mission of the team as a whole. Lukus sets theological and ministry direction, Jonathan organizes our worship, college and shepherding ministry, Jon designs, administrates and leads our youth ministry, and Will networks with pastors all across the country and helps keep our philosophy and practice tightly knit. We are thankful for the unity, synergy and momentum that God is building as we submit to each other.

How can I be a part of this?

Well, that depends on what you mean by being a part of this. There are many ways you can get involved, and we praise God that by partnering together, He allows us to share in the rewards of the work! God is putting together a team!

  • Many families and individuals transferred jobs and relocated to the Salt Lake valley with us. We praise God for their radical sacrifices for the gospel into the unknowns with our team. Do you sense that God might desire that kind of a move for you or your family? We’d love to pray with you. Click here to fill in your contact information. We’ll be in touch.
  • Our pastoral team offers a 2 year intensive church planting internship. If you are interested, please visit our intern page.
  • Every summer we run 4 weeks of urban church planting camp called Plant Camp. We pack in a full schedule of Bible teaching, ministry philosophy, informing, proclaiming and serving, downtown ministry, and on the ground evangelism. We'd love for you or your church to join us for one of these weeks. Please visit the Plant Camp website for more information.
  • Perhaps God is burdening you to sacrifice to share in the financial weight of this endeavor. Could you give to enable gospel work directly in Salt Lake City? Your giving to ministry projects or monthly missions support would be a huge blessing!

Why Gospel Grace Church?

Well, we love the gospel, and we all need grace! We think Gospel Grace communicates to the religious and irreligious in Utah that there is a liberating power available in the good news of Jesus. We love to think of men and women in despair over the bondage and questions of false religion finding hope in the gospel of grace! We long to see men and women whose eyes are blinded by the dissatisfying idols of their city given sight to take in the fountain of grace that is offered in Jesus Christ.

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